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For those on a journey to live their best-wholehearted life. 

The Simply Wholehearted Podcast offers godly perspective from various authors, teachers, leaders, and pastors to help you discover your purpose and craft simple plans for your best life. 


Hear the insights of the Enneagram combined with the Truth of the Gospel. 

Be inspired and have clear steps needed to put the insights learned into practical, daily practices. 

And join a community that desires a simplistic approach to live what you value most.

Nov 30, 2017

Happy Advent Season! 

We are so excited to have another special holiday edition of the Simply Wholehearted Podcast. 

I can't wait for you to meet Holly Packiam. She's currently leading the movement to back to great literature at Storyformed. "The heartbeat of is simple: putting great books into the hands and hearts of children everywhere. Why? Because we believe that what starts in a story, grows into a life—the stories that children feed on in their formative years will form their lives. It’s that simple. We want to help you and your children write your own storyformed life so you can live a story worth telling." 

We are excited to share our conversation about cultivating a love for the written word and inspire you to gather your family to share special adventures only found in great literature. 

We've also put together a list with some of our favorite Christmas books here. And why we like them!

Connect with Holly at Storyformed...

Facebook: Storyformed 

Instagram: @hollypackiam  

Storformed's website

Be sure and check out Jon Thurlow's newest album Different Story here. And Jon Thurlow CHRISTMAS can be found on iTunes. 

To support our special holiday sponsor please learn more at Seed Effect.  

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