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For those on a journey to live their best-wholehearted life. 

The Simply Wholehearted Podcast offers godly perspective from various authors, teachers, leaders, and pastors to help you discover your purpose and craft simple plans for your best life. 


Hear the insights of the Enneagram combined with the Truth of the Gospel. 

Be inspired and have clear steps needed to put the insights learned into practical, daily practices. 

And join a community that desires a simplistic approach to live what you value most.

Nov 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! 

We are so excited to have another special holiday edition of the Simply Wholehearted Podcast. 

I can't wait for you to meet Shelly Miller. She's currently an American expat living in London, England. She is a talented writer, photographer and author of RHYTHMS OF REST. She's truly living wholeheartedly in this season of life when kids have almost grown, adventuring with her husband who is a pastor all while leading a continually growing community; the Sabbath Society. 

"Sabbath in the spirit of ease and togetherness cultivates a period of rest that is hospitable." Shelly Miller

We are excited to share our conversation on taking time to rest and savor a little more this holiday season and beyond. 

Connect with Shelly....

Facebook: Shelly Miller

Instagram: shellymillerwriter  

Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller

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And Jon Thurlow CHRISTMAS can be found on iTunes. 

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