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Feb 15, 2018

 “You can’t just clear away the cobwebs,” says Whittaker. “You have to find the spider—the source of the issue—and take it out.”

If you are just meeting Carlos for the first time you should know he's a People’s Choice award winner, a former recording artist, speaker and author. He finds it easiest to describe himself as a Moment Maker, Spider Killer and Hope Dealer. Mostly, I've found Carlos to be incredibly genuine and authentic, not only in his writing but also in conversation.

Follow Carlos on Instagram @loswhitand Carlos Whittaker everywhere else!

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Be sure and check out Enter the Worship Circle’s newest album, Down Here and Up Abovewritten by Karla Adolphe and Ben Pasley. Our new theme music is the song Heavenly Things. Obviously, a new favorite. Loving having this on repeat. Be sure and check out the full version with the thought provoking lyrics. And learn so much more at

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