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Apr 18, 2017

Are you wondering why your children's teacher send so much homework after spending all day in their classroom?

Do you feel like their summer literature list is too daunting?

Would you like to give them a gift, but have no idea what they actually enjoy?

We sat down with teachers, Annaliese Higgins and Mallory Rancudo. Both lovely ladies gave Ashley Pittman and me fantastic answers to our many questions with a few laughs and random stories along the way.

We are confident you'll appreciate this uplifting conversation and walk away with some strategy to grow communication with your children's teachers.

Our free printable this week is two cute Thank You notes for your kids to fill out and give with a gift or as a way to brighten their teacher's day. You'll also get a bonus clip with our conversation about literacy and book lists.

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A HUGE thank you to Andrew Wray for taking care of all things technical and helping to make this podcast possible!