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For those on a journey to live their best-wholehearted life. 

The Simply Wholehearted Podcast offers godly perspective from various authors, teachers, leaders, and pastors to help you discover your purpose and craft simple plans for your best life. 


Hear the insights of the Enneagram combined with the Truth of the Gospel. 

Be inspired and have clear steps needed to put the insights learned into practical, daily practices. 

And join a community that desires a simplistic approach to live what you value most.

Oct 25, 2017

Hi friends!

Today's conversation....If you are in need of being reminded that God is still in the business of doing miracles you'll be blessed to hear today's amazing stories from Stephanie Dulin. 

She shares how the Lord was in the details of their 3 adoptions (and another in the works), what prompted them to start their adoption ministry and how you can participate in National Adoption Month this November. 


And if you feel led to contribute in any way to the Dulin family or their ministry you can contact Stephanie or email for some additional ideas.
On Facebook: Stephanie Tayloe Dulin

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A few things we mentioned in the podcast and the links to find out more:

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